Why have you become an artist? Interview for Exhibition Kunsthal KADE, Amersfoort (NL)

Why have you become an artist?

In the Kunsthal you can now see the work of Henk vis. Before Ian and Fabian visit the exhibition they want to know some things from the artist.

Why have you become an artist?
“I never got it, suddenly I was it”
What message do you want to bring with your art?
“The realization that there is no message but that everything can be very meaningful”
Where do you get your inspiration from?
“I think life is okay. I never find anything that precedes the work of art but wants to know what the consequences of the work of art are.


Has there been something changed in the course of the years to your style and if so what?
“Nothing really. I’m not trying to have style. “
Have you experienced special things during your travels?
“I meet very often someone who cries and I never know exactly why.”


What material do you make your art?
“With fantasy.”


Your art now hangs in the Kunsthal Quay, what do you think about it?
“Say for yourself, most stands and I put it myself! Sure, I’m quite satisfied. “


Are you happy with what you have achieved as an artist?
“It’s going to erniet to what you’ve accomplished but whether you’re happy with what you’re doing. Well, I’m not always!