The studio is a place where I can forget myself, photobook: “ATELIER” Ninety artist portraits by Hans de Bruijn


The Studio

The studio is a place where I can forget myself and time, but first I have to send away everyone who walks around. Usually that doesn’t work immediately but if I urge and wait a little bit then I sit on a chair. I’m like a kitty sitting behind the window. Only there is no window and I am not a kitty.

I walk around like a bear in captivity, like a stray dog in Santiago, waiting as a fugitive on the street corner. But actually I sleep.
Nothing is for sure. If it is good, there is nothing to do. Only when a piece of iron falls out of my hands, I know where I am and what I do. I’m at work in my studio.
Everything is unfinishedt while I’m breathing in and out . When my breath sticks three times for an hour, then the work is finished, and it immediately goes with a forklift to the storage. I don’t look at it anymore, it becomes part of other works that I will pack later and that will disappear in a truck.