Annual Report Estate Henk Visch

Chamber of Commerce 65508580

The board:

Mr. H.H. Visch, Chairman
Mr. B.D.L. van Eerd, secretary
Mr. M.S. Sahak, treasurer
Mrs. E.K.Strik, consultant management



The act of the Foundation Estate Henk Visch  is signed 3 March 2016. The board members made their first acquaintance January 31st. Subsequently, discussions were held on 14 February, 14 October and 12 February 2016. The first year of the Henk Visch House was a year in which the framework of the policy plan for the next 5 years was set up. This is the first task that every foundation, including a cultural foundation like Huis Henk Visch, needs to carry out.

In addition, the first meeting of the board members was an important first step for setting up a dialogue about the function and possibilities of this specific cultural entity. On the one hand it is a classic artist’s house, in which a collection of artworks will be housed. The collection formation, management and documentation is therefore the main activity of the foundation. But Henk Visch also has the intention to extend or, in other words, expand the conservation of heritage, which is strictly speaking The Artist House, by allowing ‘The Estate‘ to function as a platform for contemporary art: the artist’s house will emphatically be fulfilling a public, outward-looking function in order to be of interest to each new generation.

To this end, it is necessary to set up an additional form of governance, which the external relations of ‘Het Huis’ can bear in the future. To this end, the chairman Henk Visch has put his ideas and proposals on the table: this means that a Committee on External Relations will be set up, which in fact guarantees the continuation of his artist activities and the double function of the foundation – conservation of the collection and lively, active management of artworks-  becomes possible.

The first year was then used to set up a website for the Henk Visch House. It was important that the aim of the foundation would be translated into a visual matrix, in which all aspects of the foundation can be found.

Policy plan:
In the course of 2016, the board approved the policy plan, which states that collection building is primordial. This is done by donations from Henk Visch to the foundation. The collection will consist of several collections:

– work Henk Visch, ie drawings, graphics and sculpture
– private collection Henk Visch from fellow artists
– texts Henk Visch
– library
– archive

The private collection will transfer to the foundation as a whole when ANBI status is granted. The works of Henk Visch will consist of a list of 12 works in this first round, in which early and later works are recorded.

External Relations Committee:
In this first year, discussions were held on setting up an External Relations Committee and what exactly its powers should be. Discussions about this will be continued.

Mothership from Tilburg was commissioned to make proposals for setting up a website. This will be worked out in further collaboration with Henk Visch.

The formation of the artcollection takes place exclusively within the framework of the donation formula. It has been decided that the foundation will not manage funds for the time being, nor will fund-raising start. There is therefore no need for active accounting: the treasurer will draw up a zero-annual statement. The foundation will continue to build a solid concept for the creation of an art collection for the Estate Henk Visch.