Annual Report 2019 Estate Henk Visch

Chamber of Commerce 65508580

The board:

Mr. H.H. Visch, President
Mr. B.D.L. van Eerd, secretary
Mr. M.S. Sahak, treasurer
Mrs. E.K. Strik, management consultant

10.2, 17.3, 19.5, 25.8 and 13.10.2019

The year 2019 was dominated by the opening of the foundation’s exhibition space at Tongelresestraat 71 in Eindhoven. There are 4 exhibitions organized this year, each with an opening. Three exhibitions in its own exhibition space and one guest exhibition with works from the HHV collection in Boxtel:
-An artist who collects, opening March 17
-The diplomat, opening March 23 Museum Boxtel
-Salmon will sing in the street, when the river jumbs over the mountains, opening May 19
-The immobile, opening October 13

The visit to the exhibition space is particularly good. There is a great deal of interest in the collection, both from professional art connoisseurs and from the interested public. The Design week also brought many visitors to the exhibition space. HuisHenkVisch has more than 1000 followers on instagramm this year.
The exhibition space has been open 3 days a week: Thu, Fri. and Sat from 3 to 6 pm. Thursday has turned out to be a quiet day. It is wise to experiment with other opening times in order to make accessibility as efficient as possible.
In November the official transfer of works of art from the private collection Henk Visch / Irene Veenstra, as well as from the HenkVisch BV took place. These two lists are mentioned on the website of the foundation. The second transfer will take place in the coming year.

Our objective, which we already had in mind with the foundation in 2017, was to make the art collection of Henk Visch public and thereby provide a place that is accessible, a place where the exhibition program opens perspectives on as yet unknown positions in contemporary art. , we have successfully shaped this year. It is important to continue this commitment in the coming years.
We can look back on a very successful first year of the exhibition space of the HuisHenkVisch foundation.

The board.

Notes to the Balance Sheet at December 31, 2019
There are no loans taken out by the foundation. The renovation is privately funded by Henk Visch / Irene Veenstra. The space is rented out for free by the above owners.
Explanation of the Summary Statement of Income and Expenses 2019:
There is one donation made by one private person:
The video “Felix in Exile” by William Kentridge. A gift from Marijke Visch-Schaaf, the artist’s sister.
A donation was made by H. Visch / I. Veenstra of works of art from the private collection and from HenkVisch BV.
Remuneration of the board:
No remuneration was provided to the board during this year.
Staff members:
No employees were employed at the foundation in 2019.
Costs Management and Administration:
There were no costs for the foundation.

* balance sheet 2019