art.3 sub 5 Statutes HuisHenkVisch
The board members receive no remuneration for their activities

Board members:

Henk Visch

Treasurer / Secretary: 
Salem Sahak, civil engineer, Eindhoven

Advisor management:
Elly Strik, visual artist, Brussel

Honorary members:
Bob van Eerd, board member 2016 – 2021

 Commission External Relations (CER)

Committee members:

Henk Visch, chairman foundation
Tim van Laere, gallerist Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp
Rinus van de Velde, artist, Antwerp

1. Duties and powers:

General description
Establishing and maintaining relations with third parties (bodies, institutions, organizations, which function publicly), which aim to the functioning of the House Henk Visch and hence the work of Henk Visch in the broadest possible cultural-historical and cultural-social context .

Specific tasks
This means that the CEB has the task of:
a. providing artwork on temporary loan
b. organizing exhibitions with the work of Henk Visch in/outside the House Henk Visch
c. making commitments regarding participation in exhibitions
d. selling works, which have been manufactured in edition and which are in the collection, to third parties (as mentioned above);

The condition is always that the general objective of the House Henk Visch Foundation is being met and that each decision of the CEB benefits the public functioning of the work and the House Henk Visch.

2. Decision process/working method
a. decisions by the CEB are taken by the full Commission and will be established by unanimous vote
b. the Chairman of the Commission informs the Board of its plans/decisions, which will then be included in the minutes. A non-delivered decision shall be considered to be a decision not borne by the Foundation and will therefore not be able to impose any obligation towards third parties
c. the financial settlement of each decision of the CEB shall be approved and processed by the Board
d. the activities of the Commission shall be listed on the website of the Foundation.

3. Composition/Assembly
a. the chairman of the Board is also the chairman of the CEB
b. the meeting shall be placed on the agenda by the chairman of the Board/CEB
c. the CEB appoints its members and will itself provide for replacement in case a Member of the Commission withdraws
d. the CEB informs the board of its composition and indicates what her motives are with regard to new appointments. In the event of a dispute, the appointment must be put to the vote before the Board.