Policy plan 2020


Now that the first four exhibitions around the forming collection of the foundation have been realized, 2020 will be dominated by compiling exhibitions around a specific work of art: the video of William Kentridge “Felix in Exile” (1994).
It is well known that William Kentridge (1955, Johannesburg) is a South African artist, whose work provides a penetrating picture of the South African environment with the underlying indictment of the apartheid system. His work is in a special way a time document, in which the engagement escapes dogmatics by emphatically generating images that evoke an elusive recognition from which a human story emerges.
This work, which came into the possession of the foundation last year, has the opportunity to put together exhibitions that, apart from style concepts and theoretical positions, can emphasize the strongest power of a work of art: empathy and imagination. This fits in with the Estate Henk Visch’s collection, which is diverse and particularistic; a coherence can be established, but the individual works speak for themselves. This aspect of the collection, but also of art in general, that the special quality of a work of art colors and changes the cohesion within which it functions, will be sought again in every presentation. Different generations of artists come together.
Each exhibition will provide access to catalogs and documents from and about the exhibited artists.

Exhibitions 2020
“Not in Exile” (1) January 26 – April 25
“Not in Exile” (2) 31 May – 29 August
“Not in Exile” (3) 26 September – 26 December

Works by the following artists will be exhibited:
Hamid Sulaiman, Jimmie Durham, Al-Ansi, Jewyo Rhii, Sebastian Rogler, Guillaume Bijl, Ryan Mosley, Flexboj & LA, Johan Kuipers Jager, Rinus van de Velde, Joshua van Iersel, Franz Erhard Walther, Noritoshi Hirakawa, Adrian Ghenie, Christine Berning, Paul de Reus, Toon Teeken, Tomasz Kowalski, Elly Strik, Benoit Hermans, Victor Racatau.