Annual Report Estate Henk Visch

Chamber of Commerce 65508580

The board:

Mr. H.H. Visch, Chairman
Mr. B.D.L. van Eerd, secretary
Mr. M.S. Sahak, treasurer
Mrs. E.K.Strik, consultant management

12.02.2017, 09.04.2017, 18.06.2017, 29.10.2017 in Eindhoven, Lucas Gasselstraat 5.

The second year of the foundation clarified a few things about the various tasks of the board: tasks that must be effectively linked to the objective. This has resulted in a concept for the External Relations Committee, for which Tim Van Laere (gallerist) and Rinus van de Velde (artist) from Antwerp have been approached. A second important step in the design of the foundation is to go online with the website Now that the policy plan and the website have been completed, the application for the ANBI status for the foundation has also been sent out on 2 November 2017.

External Relations Committee
Setting up an External Relations Committee is of great importance for the foundation to be able to function in the broader context of cultural, international relations. This can be done directly with institutions or organisations that play an important role in the network of the artist Henk Visch. Furthermore, it is essential that the management structure is such that the management of the collection and the external exhibition policy complement each other and do not block eachother. Extensive consultations were held with the notary office Schäfer Eindhoven, where the founding act has been drawn up and signed to guarantee a legally strong and socially well-functioning foundation.

The CEB will be chaired by the chairman of the board and will be assisted by the manager of the collection. The CEB consists of at least 2 external persons who, in consultation with the aforementioned board members, make their proposals and plans known. The fiat of the treasurer is required for the logistical and financial settlement. The CEB will be included in the public register of the Chamber of Commerce, Eindhoven as an extension of the board. CEB member proposal: Tim Van Laere, gallerist, Antwerp and artist Rinus van de Velde, Antwerp.

The website went online 10 October 2017. There will still be tinkered to make all functions run smoothly. The transfer of the works of Henk Visch have already been put online to make it clear to the public that the foundation is a growing, evolving art institution. The formal transfer can only take place after the ANBI status has been granted. We hope for an early settlement.

ANBI status
The cultural ANBI status is essential for the foundation, firstly because it will then be able to realize the intended public collection on the basis of donations. But there is a second point: culture considered and defined as public good, it makes it necessary to place the documentation and description / interpretation of works of art in the perspective of cultural interests. It is clear that cultural heritage can bear that title only if a public collection has been formed, which is first of all withdrawn from the private sphere: ownership or private ownership has its own philosophy, its own argumentation in which the importance of this property has validity. Public art will develop arguments that are part of cultural life and which will only be able to represent a cultural value in the public domain; a value assignment, which in turn will be able to bear the dictum of ‘public utility’. With this in mind, the foundation can not function other than under the umbrella of the General Benefit Institution and for that purpose it will have to present the arguments. This is not self-evident, because art increasingly functions socially as private property.

The discussion about this is therefore not over.